hi helo

hi helo

You might know me as the guy with all the baby teeth still in his mouth or that guy who yells hi helo a lot. I’m one of those things, but, most importantly, I am not Jewish.

Now I know you’re gonna say “George why the frick (I know you don’t cuss) would you even write about this? Everyone already knows you’re not Jewish and that you’ll be a part of the utopian white ethnostate once we finally suppress CNN and other Jew run media organizations. Ever since Nixon told us there was a Jewish Cabal controlling all aspects of industry in efforts to undermine western values and promote an emasculated pro-Zionist virtue signalling faggot culture, we’ve been super aware that we should think long and hard before we just go calling a tall dude with all his baby teeth still in his mouth, Jewish. He could get really offended by that and, even though one of the Lonestar Boys is Jewish, and you’re just fraternizing with him as a contingency plan in case the Jewish agenda is fulfilled, we know know that you’re not Jewish. Even if you happen to look more Jewish than Maxwell, and happen to like bagels a lot and happen to pick up pennies in parking lots, you couldn’t be a Jew and we will totally include you in our new nation, free of cool wine aunts and full of goth chicks.” And to that I say: I know. Thanks.


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