Forged in the Texas humidity, one fateful weekend in Dallas, the Lone Star Bois are come!

Who are we? This is our backstory, written by our boy Erik

We’re a bunch of Dickheads, who went to Road Rage Dallas and bonded so damn hard over the rampant debauchery that we didn’t want the party to stop.

Since crawling back hungover to our insipid corners of the world we’ve resolved to make it happen again. With or without the podcast that brought us together!

What’s this place? It’s a home for our collective ramblings and rants; Somewhere for our verbal defecate to fester.

It soon became apparent that many in our midst fancy themselves writers – so as a set of self congratulating, verbose motherfuckers firing up a blog seemed to be the only natural progression.

Where are we going? We wanna start a cult, buy a missile silo and die in a shootout versus the ATF. Or alternatively party some more… either, we’re easy bb. 😉

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